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Durability increase of special concrete by application of waste raw materials

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10th DBMC International Conference on durability of building materials and components
Durability increase of special concrete by application of waste raw materials
Autor: Drochytka, R.; Fojtik, T.;
p. 468-475
Sprache: English

A great deal of research is currently focused on the durability of building structures and concrete degradation caused by the effect of corrosive liquids or the gaseous phase. Test results have shown that concrete resistance to aggressive media can be increased by the addition of suitable types of waste materials or admixtures having pozzuolana properties. The paper discusses the potential for increases in durability of special concrete types, including Self Compacting Concrete, High Performance Concrete, Reactive Powder Concrete by addition of suitable waste materials (power plant fly ash) or admixtures (meta-kaolin). The aim of the work is to verify, compare and analyze the effect of addition of power plant fly ash and meta-kaolin respectively to concrete subjected to immersion in aggressive media. Concrete were prepared with and without the utilization of waste raw materials or admixtures. The concrete was stored in different aggressive liquid media (SO sub 4 high 2-, Cl., oil) or gases (simulated concentrations of CO sub 2, SO sub 2 with different relative humidities, and ambient exterior atmospheric conditions) and reference samples were stored in water. The storage periods were 3 and 6 months. After storage, specimens were tested by physico-mechanical and physico-chemical methods, and their appearance and state after exposure to individual aggressive effects was recorded. Results from short-term test of 6 months exposure in aggressive media show that enhanced durability can be achieved with concretes incorporating power plant fly ash or meta-kaolin. No significant changes of physico-mechanical and physico-chemical properties were found in any samples of concrete modified by power plant fly ash or meta-kaolin after 6 months of storage in different aggressive media. Definite conclusions regarding the enhanced performance of these modified concretes cannot be made given that an exposure period of 6 months is too short for generalization of results. However, these initial results can help orient further research and further work continues with additional tests results from exposure periods of 48 months to be reported at a later date.

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